Actionbot and its chatbot features

is something you have never seen before

Actionbot is the only chatbot that interact with any digital channel, operates on a preferred environment and integrates with any data source. And that’s not even all chatbot features!


Actionbot can be integrated with any technology (Angular, React, HTML5, React Native)

device and channel

Actionbot can be deployed on any device and channel (website, application, mobile application)


Actionbot can be hosted in all cloud environments or on-premise, depending on your business needs

Data sources

Actionbot can be integrated with CRM or other external services and data sources through API

Multichannel automation

to improve communication between customers and companies

Actionbot can be easily integrated with various digital channelsActionbot can be easily integrated with various digital channels, e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger, applications, or websites. Such integration not only improves customer experience, by offering great automation in communication, but also decreases operational costs, or automates sales.Actionbot can be easily integrated with various digital channels. Below are a few channels Actionbot can be integrated with:






Google Assistant

Google home

Facebook Messenger

Intranet Portal

Live Chat Software

Equipped with AI and NLP algorithms as its main chatbot features, it is your solution for high-end customer experience

actionbot chatbot features

Thanks to such engine, amongst other chatbot features, Actionbot enables:

  • quick analysis of channel’s content to navigate the user and interact with him
  • constant analysis and learning on previous conversations with customers and their activities in a channel
  • adjusting chatbot reactions to customers’ actions
  • automatic forms pre-filling to ease customer’s experience, shorten the transaction process and reduce drop-outs
See most of its chatbot functions in action. Check out how Actionbot can be used for your business.
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