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supports & navigates

Actionbot supports your customers 24/7 and guides them within the channel. Our AI chatbot focuses on excellent customer support in various languages. Actionbot can automatically answer the most frequently asked questions, guide in the channel and provide the needed information (including videos, images, or links). Actionbot connects to a human agent, if needed, to maximize the level of customer experience.
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guides & automates

Actionbot automates processes on the channel. It's an automatic assistance chatbot that can streamline the customer journey: first visit, purchase, self-service, or complaint. Based on the gathered information, our AI chatbot can automatically fill out a form, assist with making a payment, or purchase a product for a customer within a few clicks. Actionbot guides your customers through the process.
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learns & sells

Actionbot can be a tool that automates sales processes. Thanks to access to a customer's profile and information gathered during the conversation, our AI chatbot can propose personalized products and services. Actionbot provides a customer with the necessary information about the product and offers support during the whole purchase process. Actionbot is a perfect sales point for your customers.
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observes & advises

Actionbot can advise your customers on products and services. Its ability to use the gathered data (e.g. from CRM or transaction data) and knowledge about the company's products, makes our AI chatbot a great product advisor. Actionbot observes your customers behavior, reacts to their actions, and offers recommendations adjusted to their needs. Actionbot takes the customer experience to the highest level.
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AI + CHATBOT + AUTOMATION innovates communication with your customers

Our AI digital assistant revolutionizes your customer service in Banking, Telecommunications, Insurance, Retail, and other industries:

  • Answers your customers’ most asked questions
  • Guides customers in the channel
  • Advises on products or services and generates leads
  • Automates sales and operational processes
  • Fills out forms automatically
  • Hands over the conversation to a human agent
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