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Actionbot can proactively react to your customers' movement and advise on specific services. The conversation is triggered by clicks on the website or phrases looked for during the conversation with the chatbot. With each conversation, it gains new knowledge and proposes offers and services tailored to customers' needs proactively. Thanks to the understanding of specific context, our chatbot consultant delivers the best digital service.

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A chatbot consultant for cross-selling services 

Chatbots can be the best solutions for up- and cross-selling services that operate without the need for additional assistance. They can influence the customers to make a purchase, based on specific recommendations.

Our chatbot consultant gives your customers a familiar shopping experience. It provides product information and supports in making purchases tailored to their needs. By being a proactive advisor, it drives more sales, increases customer loyalty, and improves the whole digital experience.

Actionbot, with its ability to gain knowledge about customers, can offer services that really suit their needs. It is a chatbot consultant that delivers the best possible recommendations adjusted to customers' preferences.

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