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Actionbot is a customer service chatbot that provides 24/7 assistance. It can answer any question in 13 different languages and show your customers the needed content (videos, images, links). If unable to assist, it directs the conversation to a live agent. Deployed across various digital channels (website, mobile application, WhatsApp), it is truly the chatbot assistant that significantly improves the whole customer experience.

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A customer service chatbot that helps

Taking care of customers at every stage of their experience improves the positive brand image. Excellent service is what truly matters to the customers. And customer service chatbots are the solution that can help.

A chatbot assistant reduces the waiting time for an agent to even a few seconds, provides support 24/7 and generally assists in common inquires. Such time effectiveness allows live agents to focus on delivering the best experience in more complicated cases that require human assistance.

Actionbot is a perfect customer service chatbot that not only answers to basic customers' questions but also proactively offers its support. By analysing customers' actions within the website, it can step in and advise on the problematic issue. It's a perfect chatbot assistant that focuses entirely on customer support.

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