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Actionbot for Medyk Otwock – case study: a chatbot for a medical school

The post-secondary medical school in Otwock, ‘Medyk Otwock’, has been training the medical and social professions for over 60 years. In order to relieve the workload of secretarial staff and increase the access of students and candidates to information about the school, ‘Medyk’ decided to implement an intelligent digital assistant, named ‘Vita’, on its website. Now, website’s visitors can quickly find information they are looking for using an intuitive conversational interface.  

Actionbot for Medyk Otwock: a chatbot for a medical school – use cases information card

Main challenges

The school’s management was looking for a solution that would make it easier to access information, assist with recruitment processes and help answer the many frequently recurring questions from students and candidates. TUATARA was asked to come up with a solution that would also make it easier to navigate the website’s resources while relieving the school’s staff of the burden of handling the most common questions and concerns.  

Non scholae, sed vitae discimus – we learn not for school, but for life. Our students consciously choose medical professions to protect the most important value – health and life. That is why we have chosen the name VITA for the chatbot that helps them navigate the school’s resources. I hope that thanks to it, students will be able to focus on what is important – gaining knowledge, while the school’s staff will be relieved of answering trivial, similar questions and will be able to devote more time to the day-to-day management.


VITA is a solution based on Actionbot, a proprietary AI chatbot developed by the TUATARA team. It is a multi-channel, advanced software in the area of automation of communication with the user and the only chatbot that works in any digital channel and environment (both in the cloud and on the customer’s infrastructure). The solution acts as a digital assistant that proactively responds to the recipient’s behaviour, offering support in communication processes.

This chatbot for a medical school is capable of providing information, navigating the channel, completing forms and fully automating the process, starting with the identification of the user to the decision-making process and the finalisation of the conversation – ending with the submission of an application. 

Chatbot for a medical school VITA's most popular inquires

The collaboration between TUATARA and Medyk Otwock included the launch of a cloud-based Actionbot on the school’s website. TUATARA also took care of the design of dialogue paths for both students and candidates. Mechanisms have also been put in place to encourage user interaction (e.g. in the form of simple messages, so-called ‘balloons’) and website navigation, including redirection to further pages and sub-pages. Users can also use a simple menu, suggesting topics that Actionbot can discuss.   

VITA is another example of how chatbots based on artificial intelligence work well not only in business or large customer service offices. We are proud that our ingenious solutions can serve the education of young people, and we hope that VITA will be a permanent part of the contact between students, candidates and the school.

Krzysztof GoworekCEO, TUATARA

Chatbot for a medical school – results 

During the first months after the implementation, VITA exchanged over 2522 messages. Most conversational topics were inquiries from university candidates (65.3%), with over one-third of current students (34.7%). Over six months, the virtual assistant could correctly identify the intent and gave the proper answers to approximately 96.5% of the questions asked. 

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