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Actionbot for Tutore – case study: a chatbot for an educational online platform

Tutore is one of the leaders in the education industry, providing online services for children, teens and adults by connecting hundreds of teachers and thousands of students on an online platform. They offer various courses in programming, drawing, computer graphics, guitar playing, math and English. Tutore’s educational platform has recently undergone a complete makeover. Along with that change, the idea to introduce Actionbot emerged. The goal was to complement the content on the platform and maximize its informative value. Thereupon Actionbot has been implemented for Tutore to help navigate the platform for students, parents and teachers to make the online experience even better and more engaging.

Chatbot for an educational online platform – use case information cards

Tutorek – an educational assistant that interacts with students and parents 

For Tutore we have created an educational virtual assistant that helps students and parents with answering some of their questions. Tutorek, as that is the name of the virtual assistant, pops up in the bottom right corner once the website is open. It automatically introduces itself and offers help in topics such as: registration for trial classes, registration for a specific course (it can be math, English or playing guitar), platform’s available offering, prices, agreements, and payments, and additionally, it can help with complaints, solving problems with the app or even specify the equipment requirements for a specific course.

It was important for the client that the virtual assistant is not only coherent with the visual identity of the whole platform but also looks in a way that encourages young students to interact. Tutorek has also inspired Tutore team to create a live version of the assistant – they have designed a costume and created their own mascot that can be used as a great way to engage with customers.  

Tutorek provides excellent customer service and offers various information for the potential clients. When the client wants to know the answer, Tutorek provides it instantly without engaging the consultant.  

Main solutions introduced for English courses   

Here is where the true magic of Actionbot for Tutore begins. For English courses, Tutorek has been developed with more advanced capabilities. Once the student logs in to the account, Tutorek pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen and offers its assistance. The question appears in both English and Polish, which might be helpful for less advanced students. Additionally, there is also an option to play the question in English so that the student can hear the accent and correct pronunciation.  

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The student can choose one of the four categories available. No matter which one the student chooses, Tutorek stays in the upper left corner of the website to assist, ask questions, and congratulate the student once he or she chooses a correct answer. 

The aim of Tutorek is to support students and guide them through four different categories: quizzes, vocabulary, exercises, materials

Tutorek provides great support in learning English which is aligned with the course program. For children that are enrolled in English courses it will show up as a pop-up in two different situations on a child’s profile: if the student was absent it will help with learning the vocabulary from the last class or if the child was present, it will encourage them to revise the material. The aim of Tutorek is to support present and absent students and guide them through four different categories:  

  • quizzes – interactive games in which the user must choose the image that matches the word or, the other way around, choose the correct term for the image. When the user enters the “Quizzes” category, a list of previous lessons is displayed. The student can select the lesson he or she wants to review. The words are randomly assigned, based on the content of the lesson, which makes it possible to repeat a topic several times without feeling bored. 
  • vocabulary – that category enables a user to learn new words with an emphasis on pronunciation. Digital flashcards display the vocabulary from the lesson. Tutorek pronounces the word and asks the student to repeat it, allowing a 5-second countdown. When the timer runs out, Tutorek responds positively to a correct attempt or politely asks the user to try again. Irrespective of the results, the student can move on to the next flashcard. 
  • exercises – a category that displays a game designed by Tutore educators configured in an external source. It offers multiple game formats but is still based on the same content of the lesson.  
  • materials – this section will redirect the student to materials that are already available on the Tutore platform for a given lesson. These might be workbooks, homework, slides, etc.  

Results for the educational platform 

After 9 months of Tutorek’s implementation, the number of messages exchanged has already reached more than 90,000 and is still growing as users are engaging in conversations with Tutorek every day. The average percentage of messages for which the chatbot has matched the answer from the database with the question is 95 percent and it means that so many clients are able to get an answer without waiting for an available consultant. Moreover, this provides the opportunity to ask questions regardless of time – Tutorek is available 24/7 on the platform.

Most answered queries were about registration for a course or trial lessons, payments, Tutore’s offering, or some technical advice.

Tutorek's results since April 2022

Implementing Actionbot for Tutore has helped greatly with the number of repetitive questions and has improved the pace of interaction between clients interested in Tutore’s courses. The virtual assistant – Tutorek is an innovative approach to learning English that is tailored to specific needs of young learners and makes their adventure with education more engaging and unique.

For now, Tutorek is available in these two versions: on the main website to guide clients through Tutore’s offering and the more advanced version created for English courses. However, there are exciting plans to extend how Actionbot can become even more engaging for Tutore’s students. Stay tuned to keep up with the updates that are coming soon!

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