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Actionbot for BS Brodnica – case study: a chatbot for a cooperative bank

The Cooperative Bank of Brodnica (BS Brodnica), along with the development of its offer and number of clients, faced the challenge of improving customer service and increasing operational efficiency. The Bank introduced a virtual assistant based on Actionbot in response to these needs.

Company – BS Brodnica bankIndustry – BankingLanguages – PolishChannels – WWWUse cases - Automation of Customer Service; 24/7 Support; Personalization of Services; Promotion of Banking Products

Introduction of Virtual Assistant Piotr

BS Brodnica stands out from other financial institutions in the cooperative segment with its approach to innovation and digital banking. A key element that underlines its modernity is advanced electronic banking. The bank offers its individual customers electronic services that enable them to manage their bank accounts from anywhere in the world, allowing customers to easily manage their accounts, payments, cards and other services at any time, from anywhere and on any device.

The system is available through the BS Brodnica mobile app, which provides secure and convenient access to bank accounts using a smartphone or tablet, and the website. The aforementioned functionalities, such as BLIK payments or eCantor, which are rather characteristic of large banks providing mass services, show that the Bank, while retaining the traditional values of co-operative banking, can compete effectively with commercial banks.

The introduction of a digital assistant is a key element of BS Brodnica’s strategy to improve the quality of customer service. We are responding to the needs of an increasingly modern agribusiness in particular, but also entrepreneurs from other industries and individual customers. We needed a tool that would relieve the workload of consultants while giving our customers the ability to get instant help or guidance on services. The solution from TUATARA was chosen, not only because of its unique expertise in chatbots for the financial industry, but also because it approaches each project from the business side, not just the technology side.

Grzegorz GłowackiMember of the Board for IT and Innovation at BS Brodnica

By applying a business approach to the solution selection process, five objectives were identified:

  • Reducing waiting times – customers should not have to waste time queuing in branches or waiting to be called by a consultant, especially for frequently occurring questions or problems.
  • Increased accessibility – the solution should operate 24/7. It should ensure that customers can access information about the bank’s services at any time of the day or night and use the assistant when it is most convenient for them – without time constraints.
  • Optimising the use of advisors’ time – automating processes using Virtual Assistant helps the bank to save valuable time and human resources. Simple and repetitive questions that previously required handling by customer advisors are resolved automatically, allowing bank staff to focus on more complex and strategic tasks.
  • Improving customer satisfaction – immediate information should increase customer satisfaction – improved customer service translates into increased clients trust and loyalty to the bank.
  • Increasing sales – the digital assistant should not only answer questions, but also help promote bank products and advise customers on their choices.

The challenge: increasing the quality of customer service and relieving the burden on consultants

Analysis of these requirements prompted BS Brodnica to take advantage of TUATARA’s Actionbot capabilities – Virtual Assistant Piotr has been integrated into the Bank’s website, enabling customers to use it conveniently across platforms.

In addition, the assistant is fully integrated with the Bank’s knowledge base, allowing it to provide customers with accurate and up-to-date information. Virtual Assistant Piotr not only provides answers to customers’ questions, but also helps promote bank products and advises customers on the best options.

I help you navigate the bank’s websiteI quickly answer questions related to the bank’s offerI recommend productsI inform about promotionsI help you use online bankingI proactively support the choice of the best financial product

It should be emphasised that the implementation process itself, preceded by a joint workshop, took only a few weeks. That was all it took for the fully functional Virtual Assistant to start working and for TUATARA to begin the process of retraining Piotr based on information from ongoing contacts already with real bank customers. The total implementation time of the entire project, including the 2 weeks of working workshops and the time needed for adjustments and tests, “closed” in less than 3 months.

Piotr’s performance since the start of the implementation

The implementation of Virtual Assistant Piotr has brought a number of benefits to BS Brodnica. Customers no longer have to waste time queuing in bank branches or waiting for a phone call from a consultant. Thus, Piotr significantly improves the quality of customer service and increases service satisfaction. Relationships are built on satisfaction contributing to their longevity and increased interest in further products and services.

Thanks to the operation of Piotr’s Virtual Assistant 24 hours a day, clients gained access to information about the bank’s services at any time of the day or night, and they could use the assistant’s assistance when it is most convenient for them, without time constraints. This is also confirmed by the results, during the first two months of the Virtual Advisor’s operation, significant activity and client interest in this solution was observed.

The most common topics of conversation with Peter:Problems with logging inTechnical HelpdeskInformation on bank accountsInformation on credit offersInformation on cards

The total number of conversations in November and December was more than a thousand, and clients sent more than 3,760 messages. The quality of responses is also an important indicator, with the efficiency of identifying clients’ problems already reaching almost 90% in the second month of the virtual assistant’s operation.

What were bank clients looking for most often? One of the most recurring topics was issues with log-in problems or technical assistance, followed by customers asking about specific banking services. Thanks to Piotr’s 24/7 availability, such assistance could be provided to clients immediately, and in case a question could not be answered, the client was directed to the consultant immediately.

In addition, the automation of processes through Virtual Advisor Piotr allowed the bank to optimise the use of time and human resources.

It is worth emphasising that the introduction of a digital assistant in the form of Piotr’s Virtual Advisor has proved to be a significant step in improving customer service, increasing the bank’s operational efficiency and adapting to the changing needs of customers in the competitive financial services market. Thanks to this solution, BS Brodnica has increased its competitive advantage and customer satisfaction and underlined its position as the most innovative cooperative bank in Poland.

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