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Actionbot for Generali Poland – case study: a chatbot for the insurance sector

Generali Poland is a branch of one of the largest insurance and asset management groups in the world. The company turned to TUATARA for support in automating particular services and communication with the clients. Read our case study to learn how Actionbot, our chatbot for the insurance sector, improved customer service by automating operational processes.

Actionbot for Generali Poland: a chatbot for the insurance sector – use cases information card

Main challenges

Our chatbot for the insurance sector dealt with a couple of challenges. Generali wanted to:

  • Improve communication with customers,
  • Automate operational processes (FAQ automation, claim processing, choosing the insurance policy, etc.),
  • Decrease the number of calls to the call centre and conversations with the consultants on the chat,
  • Streamline the communication flow with customers.

Our solution – chatbot for the insurance sector

It only took us a month to turn Generali’s needs into a designed working solution. Leon, the virtual assistant built on Machine Learning-based IBM Watson Assistant engine, was implemented on the company’s website to provide customer support 24 hours a day. Leon currently covers more than 140 different topics related to claims, damages, and new policies. In case of complex issues, it directs the conversation to a human agent for a quick query resolution.

Our team provided full support to Generali at each stage of Leon’s deployment. It was a step-by-step gradual approach to the implementation of the chatbot for the insurance sector, concentrating first on the FAQ section and then the rest of the services. Also, dialogues and UI of our solution have been designed to meet customers’ needs and provide an excellent experience in the digital space.


After a month from Leon’s implementation, the results were remarkable. The insurance company registered 2,5x more interactions on the chatbot than on a chat with the consultants before. Thanks to the automation of most common questions and issues, the human agents started receiving only 5-20 notifications on handover from the chatbot to the customer service. It is caused by the fact that the solution is easily accessible on the website, so the users can start an interaction, ask a question, and get an answer immediately. In most cases, interaction with consultants is simply not necessary.

One month after Leon’s implementation, the customer service decided to shorten consultants’ work hours by 1 hour per day. It allowed the agents to direct their expertise into more complicated queries for the company’s overall benefit. This was the first step in increasing the customer service department’s efficiency, saving 120 manhours monthly.

Results after Actionbot deployment for Generali Poland:- over 120 frequently asked questions, automated,- over 70 fewer chats with Generali consultants, - over 120h of consultants' work saved monthly.

Our chatbot for the insurance sector is constantly developing. Leon continues to evolve with new areas of expertise. Together with Generali Poland, we are working on its integration with internal systems and changing the architecture to expand his knowledge about different topics, e.g., claim status or checking policy numbers. Thanks to this, the chatbot will become a single point of support in important matters.

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