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Chatbots and GPT language model

Actionbot and ChatGPT – the smartest AI chatbot even more human-like

Actionbot has long been known for streamlining the customer experience, from the first visit to self-service. It is a customisable tool capable of dealing with numerous data sources, which understands different languages and guides the customer through the entire purchase path, across all communication channels. Now, thanks to its integration with ChatGPT technology, Actionbot will become even more effective and the conversations it conducts will be even closer to a natural conversation with a consultant.  

Actionbot is a multi-functional, automated AI chatbot that supports customers 24/7 on various communication channels. It offers both sales and customer service process automation, personalised recommendations and all necessary information, on the website, via instant messaging or social media platforms. Actionbot streamlines the shopping experience, saves time for customer service staff and optimises the purchase path.

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Increasing the more natural conversational capabilities of our chatbot, while retaining its full functionality and ability to guide customers through the entire communication process, is a logical step in the development of our chatbot. It is now possible to implement Actionbot that additionally benefits from the capabilities of the GPT language model. As a result, it can become an even more effective tool that not only automates processes but also delivers more fluid and natural interactions with customers.  

How Actionbot can use ChatGPT technology for your business

With the implementation of ChatGPT’s capabilities, Actionbot is now able to communicate even more naturally without losing any of its existing capabilities. The ability to generate text based on the context of the conversation, rather than just predefined scenarios, significantly enhances the quality of interactions with customers. Our chatbot can now respond even better to our customer’s needs, providing real-time information and assistance more fluidly and naturally.

GPT models have huge potential to revolutionise the customer experience, manage it easily or improve personalised marketing. With ChatGPT technology, Actionbot gains new skills – most importantly, it can have even more natural conversations, which, when combined with its ability to guide the customer along the entire purchasing path, can produce amazing results. However, for ChatGPT’s integration with Actionbot to make sense, it is necessary to train the language model and ensure that it will only convey information relevant to the company. So, we are dealing here with a process that we can compare to training customer service staff.  

Key steps for integrating the GPT language model into Actionbot:  

  • Data collection – the higher the quality of business-relevant data, the better. We are talking about all kinds of industry-specific information, company-specific content from a company blog, intranet, internal wiki or any other type of documentation which can be presented externally and carries info relevant to our business. Data may also include customer reviews or product descriptions.  
  • Pre-processing – we remove all irrelevant information, anonymise sensitive data (if necessary), and structure the data so that it can be understood by the GPT model.   
  • Initial training – we feed the structured data to the model, which learns from it, gaining a better understanding of the industry and specific businesses. At the same time, we limit the model’s ‘knowledge’ to the data it is provided with.  
  • Evaluation and testing – once the initial training is complete, we will test the model’s performance using separate test data. We will make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the model provides accurate and relevant answers.  
  • Implementation and monitoring – implementing Actionbot is only the first step. We continuously monitor its performance and carry out constant updates.   

It is worth remembering that the effectiveness of the GPT model’s response, including that which supports Actionbot’s pre-existing skills, is heavily dependent on the quality and relevance of the data used in the initial training. By providing the GPT model with the right data for the industry, we are making sure that the AI not only understands the complexities and specifics of their business but also delivers excellent, personalised customer experience.   

Actionbot in practice: implementation for LANCERTO

A good example of how Actionbot supported by ChatGPT technology can revolutionise the customer experience can be seen, for example, in our recent implementation for premium fashion brand LANCERTO. Our chatbot, named ‘ARI’, is already helping customers by providing full information about the purchasing process. If we combine it with the capabilities of GPT, ARI will gain enhanced conversational capabilities making the customer experience increasingly similar to interactions with real people.

Learn more about our implementation for LANCERTO.Read our case study

It will still be able to take care of the purchase path, see what product the customer is looking for, automatically recommend the right item from the catalogue or select add-ons and know how to guide the entire transaction. Equipped with ChatGPT technology and domain knowledge (e.g. from the content rich LANCERTO blog), it will additionally take on the role of a comprehensive advisor with whom the customer can discuss a range of additional topics.  

In this way, the ARI can become not only a customer service tool, but – thanks to ChatGPT technology – a real virtual stylist. 

The vision of the future with Actionbot and ChatGPT

Integration with ChatGPT is only the beginning of Actionbot’s development in this direction. Our chatbot has the potential to be used in virtually any industry. In the banking and leasing sector, it will ensure that the customer always has accurate and reliable data about their contract, loan or offers. Implementations for hospitals or medical facilities can help patients to understand information about prescribed medication or make further appointments. In the travel industry, it will help book tours and indicate places to visit.   

The synergy between ChatGPT and Actionbot, our advanced, all-channels capable digital AI chatbot, is an unprecedented breakthrough in the customer experience space. It is a unique combination of ChatGPT’s ability to understand natural language, and any context and have a subtle conversation, similar to that of a real human, with Actionbot’s ability to professionally guide the customer through the entire purchasing path. Customers will receive a 24/7 personalised interaction with AI that learns and adapts to each individual’s needs. Our goal is to redefine the digital experience and make it smarter, more human, and more effective than ever befored.

Krzysztof GoworekCEO, TUATARA

While we show many other examples, it is worth remembering that the key to success is to combine AI technology with a deep understanding of customers’ needs and expectations. As a result, Actionbot, equipped with ChatGPT technology, can provide a truly valuable experience and be a true virtual assistant in any communication channel.

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