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Real-time customer data as a source of knowledge to improve chatbot personalization

Nowadays, most customers require the best possible communication, that can answer all their needs and expectations. Companies needed to get creative to enable the new, quicker, and better ways of communicating with their clients. Chatbots became the innovation they needed. Choosing from basic ones to the most complex, conversational chatbots – they offer fool-proof customer support. With real-time data insights, they provide a complete customer experience powered by chatbot personalization.

Chatbot personalization for a complete customer experience

Personalization is all about making customers feel understood. Improving their digital experience is key to increase the company’s profits. Customers are no longer interested in a simple conversation with the bot – they want something more; they are craving for innovation. Thanks to the rise of digital transformation, chatbots became the answer to their needs. From basic button-based bots to NLP-driven conversational ones – there are different types of chatbots to choose from.

Different types of AI chatbots

The simplest, button-based chatbots offer customers a choice of several options. Depending on what the customer clicks on, the bot shows another set of options to choose from. Their structure is quite basic. They can answer pre-defined questions, but they are ineffective in solving more complex requests. If the question doesn’t fit in the pre-designed scenario, a chatbot is unable to help.

Keyword-based chatbots can identify the keywords from the questions typed. They analyze those keywords and match them with a pre-defined response. The advantage with these is that the bots will only reply with content that has been manually loaded into the system, nothing off-topic, thus giving your company good control over your brand’s automated messaging. On the other hand, these chatbots are limited by the fact that they are not able to recognize misspelt words or slang.

The most advanced chatbots are the conversational ones. Companies are using such conversational chatbots to help overhaul customer call centre services, generate revenue, offer advice, recommend better products, or navigate within the website.

Conversational chatbots – what makes them unique?

Conversational chatbots are by far the most advanced AI chatbots. By using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, they can deliver the best possible experience. Thanks to these technologies, chatbot knows different words, analyses them, and understands the context to acknowledge a question fully. Then it is easier for the chatbot to provide satisfactory answer and resolution. Thanks to the mix of cloud services, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence, any business can benefit from using conversational agents that lead to the digital transformation.

Conversational chatbots have the main advantage over traditional chatbots – they understand the meaning behind the words and can put them in the broader context. Also, they can recognize all the misspelt words and understand them either way. And that guarantees the complete and successful user experience.

Actionbot is a great example of such conversational AI chatbot that can be used in various sectors. It can understand natural language thanks to advanced NLP algorithms powered by IBM Watson Assistant. It can answer any question in 13 different languages and by showing your customers videos, images, links, or any other needed content. What’s more, Machine Learning algorithms allow it to understand the meaning behind the request with intents and entities. What makes Actionbot unique is the understanding of the context. It allows him to listen, observe, understand, and respond to customers’ needs.

Conversational chatbots are capable of understanding, processing, and responding to human language. Using sophisticated learning and understanding of natural language, allows them to elevate customers’ experience into something truly unique. With Actionbot, you can go beyond simple responses. Instead, customers can make many advanced digital processes, such as money transferring, filling up complicated forms, choosing from the personalized offers, and they can do it directly from the chat window.

Improving chatbot personalization with real-time engine

Actionbot is already proving its intelligence, but to become even smarter, it should be constantly fed with knowledge. One of the sources that could improve its potential is Retixa – an engine that lies at the basis of TASIL. It can be integrated with all relevant sources of data to gather and process information about your customers.

TASIL, our sisterly product created by TUATARA, is a real-time marketing engine that transforms raw data into actionable insights and generates new revenue streams. With the power of hyper-targeting and precise personalization, it can provide a deep understanding of your customers. TASIL helps you to engage with your customers at the highest possible level.

Integration of Actionbot with Retixa’s engine offers much more developed chatbot personalization that is the key to successful customer experience. But what exactly can our conversational chatbot do with such personalized engine?

Hyper targeting

TASIL, thanks to Retixa engine, can target people by location, time, nationality, age, and, most importantly, segments. By integrating with this engine, Actionbot can become even better at chatbot personalization and adjusting offers to its customers. Our chatbot gains knowledge from a conversation with the customer and proposes recommendations based on the provided information. Knowing a few things about customers even before the conversation has started, allows Actionbot to propose an offer that would fit their needs perfectly.

Marketing to the segment of one

Segmentation allows targeting customers based on their interests. And Actionbot, enriched with such knowledge, can truly evolve into a perfect advisor. It already can proactively react to customers’ movement by analyzing clicks on the website or phrases looked for during the conversation. Thanks to the understanding of specific contexts, such as customer’s individual interests, Actionbot delivers the best chatbot personalization.

Next best offer/next best action

Actionbot is also a perfect lead generation chatbot that can propose the next best offer to the customers. Integration with various sources of knowledge allows it to understand customers’ needs perfectly. It can quickly identify their activity and purchasing behaviour. By analyzing each customer’s buying history, Actionbot can use chatbot personalization to recommend products that’ll most certainly become the next purchase.

Real-time triggered communication

But it also works the other way round. All information gathered from the conversation with Actionbot, are enriching the digital user profile in real-time. Such improvement is possible thanks to the Retixa engine.

That’s why the cooperation of Actionbot and TASIL is perfect for improving chatbot personalization and making use of knowledge about your customers fully.

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